We Are Dedicated to YOUR Personal Safety

From continuing education classes, to learning the basics of personalized training tactics, our goal is to get you ready to meet any situation head-on. It is our firm belief that a combination of mental and physical readiness can help people achieve a healthier, more confident, balanced life.

“Recognizing and avoiding a dangerous situation is far more beneficial to most people than learning to fight.  Hurts less too!”

The KEY P’s of Personal Safety





Each of these “Three P’s” add a layer of  protection and confidence to everyday life. 

In your sessions, we will provide you with mindset, skills, and abilities to address each “P”.

PREPARE – We will provide you with the mental AND physical tools to prepare yourself to properly recognize, acknowledge, and avoid potentially dangerous situations.

PREVENT – We will provide you with the mental AND physical tools to prevent YOURSELF from being attacked, and if attacked PREVENT you from being injured in the situation.

PERSEVERE – in the event “bad things” happen, we will equip you with strategies to persevere past the attack, and to regain your confidence and mental stability.   You didn’t 





Welcome to a world-class training experience. We specialize in providing personalized training sessions designed specifically for the group being trained. We will help you achieve the skills and self confidence that is best suited to your personal goals and lifestyle. Through dedication, professionalism, and a positive encouraging atmosphere you can and will achieve the peace of mind you desire.


We provide a real world training experience as well.

Our training sessions relate directly to scenarios that have happened to our students or ourselves.  Exercises and drills are  designed specifically for the group being trained, as well as the scenarios they will likely face in the real world. These sessions will help you achieve the awareness, skills, and self confidence that is best suited to your personal goals and lifestyle. 



Personalized Training Classes

If you want to experience the benefits of a customized program that focuses on your core areas or potential threats, then contact us for one, or a series of personalized training classes. Take charge of your safety!


Conference Group Seminars

Sometimes we all need a little motivation to make that first step. Conference Group Seminars will get you and your extended team pumped to live a confident, exciting life!

From a few to a few hundred people at once, we can tailor a session to your group or organization that will energize and excite.

Corporate Wellness Classes

Focus on personal safety and safety in the workplace can be a great team building experience, and achieving better wellness is measurable on the bottom line. Our Corporate wellness classes will help you to focus on your team members mental and physical well-being.

What Our Customers Say

Continental Capital

“Your presentation was so in-tune with what we all needed to hear, it was amazing! I had no idea the impact you would have on our Representatives. You alone changed the attitudes that made the rest of the conference one of the most enjoyable I’ve ever had the pleasure of being involve with.”

John, SVP Sales


Corporate Wellness Classes

“This is the first corporate meeting I actually WANTED to attend, and the time flew by.  Thank you to (my employer) for caring enough about us as team members to provide this kind of training.  Can we do it every quarter?”
* Update:  We do refreshers at this business frequently!


College Orientation

“I was nervous about getting ready for my first semester away from home.  This training gave me the tools I need to become more aware, and safer in my new environment. “


People Like You!

You want to know how to get the most out of your safety instruction.  Read what some of our students have to say, and check out our Facebook page to read even more unaltered reviews.  It’s important to know that people just like you have been able to successfully get what they need from our training.


Great Instructors

“The staff is incredibly friendly. The trainers are amazing. Thanks for giving me the confidence I need.”


Meet Your Trainers

Bruce Boguski, author, motivational speaker, columnist, and media personality well known for his ability to inspire others to “do the impossible”.  Bruce holds a B.S. degree in business and education from Bowling Green State University.  He also possesses a Level Two Certification in Brain Based Learning Strategies. 

Bruce is President of The Winner’s Edge, a peak performance consulting firm in Findlay, Ohio.  He is a nationally known presenter on motivational tactics and mental toughness training for schools, sports and business professionals, using high-energy, interactive techniques to inspire and delight his audiences.

Bruce speaks to educators, parents, students, athletes, and business professionals and has conducted over 2200 presentations over the past 27 years. Bruce has addressed virtually every group imaginable at dinner meetings, school assemblies, conferences, seminars, and clinics.

Bruce Boguski

Mental and Motivational 

Rich Fowler – Personal safety specialist, author, speaker, media personality with the unique ability to”get to the bottom of it” quickly and succinctly. 

Rich has been the President and Owner of multiple self defense companies for the past 10 years, specializing in both both armed and unarmed strategies, and has personally trained more than 1500 people in personal defense.  He has experience as a bouncer, a personal bodyguard for some (minor) celebrity personalities, and a dad to a pretty teenage girl.  That pretty teenage girl has also become a bodyguard for some bigger names, and is a national safety trainer as well. 

Rich understands the concepts behind safety, and presents them in an easy to understand, energetic, sometimes humorous fashion.

An avid triathlete and race enthusiast, Rich enjoys teaching the concepts of personal safety to cyclists, runners, and athletes of all kinds and abilities.

Rich Fowler

Situational Safety