Meet Your Trainers

Bruce Boguski, author, motivational speaker, columnist, and media personality well known for his ability to inspire others to “do the impossible”.  Bruce holds a B.S. degree in business and education from Bowling Green State University.  He also possesses a Level Two Certification in Brain Based Learning Strategies. 

Bruce is President of The Winner’s Edge, a peak performance consulting firm in Findlay, Ohio.  He is a nationally known presenter on motivational tactics and mental toughness training for schools, sports and business professionals, using high-energy, interactive techniques to inspire and delight his audiences.

Bruce speaks to educators, parents, students, athletes, and business professionals and has conducted over 2200 presentations over the past 27 years. Bruce has addressed virtually every group imaginable at dinner meetings, school assemblies, conferences, seminars, and clinics.

Bruce Boguski

Mental and Motivational 

Rich Fowler – Personal safety specialist, author, speaker, media personality with the unique ability to”get to the bottom of it” quickly and succinctly. 

Rich has been the President and Owner of multiple self defense companies for the past 10 years, specializing in both both armed and unarmed strategies, and has personally trained more than 1500 people in personal defense.  He has experience as a bouncer, a personal bodyguard for some (minor) celebrity personalities, and a dad to a pretty teenage girl.  That pretty teenage girl has also become a bodyguard for some bigger names, and is a national safety trainer as well. 

Rich understands the concepts behind safety, and presents them in an easy to understand, energetic, sometimes humorous fashion.

An avid triathlete and race enthusiast, Rich enjoys teaching the concepts of personal safety to cyclists, runners, and athletes of all kinds and abilities.

Rich Fowler

Situational Safety