We Are Dedicated to YOUR Personal Safety

From continuing education classes, to learning the basics of personalized training tactics, our goal is to get you ready to meet any situation head-on. It is our firm belief that a combination of mental and physical readiness can help people achieve a healthier, more confident, balanced life.


So Much to Cover, So Little Time.

From special classes to hot topics, we can address what is most important to you and your team.  Tell us how much time you have, and we’ll make you wish you had more…..

              Do you have the tools you need to be confident and secure in this next chapter of your life? Parents—have you taught your child everything they need to look for, and how to avoid trouble? You don’t need to be afraid—we can help!

Designed for both women and men, we focus on the tools you’ll need to develop to thrive in your new opportunity.

New College Students
On Campus and Commuter Students

Your child has spent their entire life with you protecting them and shielding them from the dangers that WE KNOW are out there.  Now they are off to college on their own, and you cannot be there.  Are they as prepared as you want them to be for life as a young adult? 

Sign-up today and help them go off with a great, safe start.

You’re Active, and so are the Bad Guys

Walkers, joggers, cyclists, and anyone who spends time outdoors or in the public domain – are you as safe as you could be…or should be?  The Bad Guys are out there learning new tricks every day, are you aware of the latest things they will try to use to catch you off guard?

Travelers – Business or Pleasure

Travel brings in a whole new set of things to think about (not worry about, but THINK about) to be sure that you are setting yourself up to have a fantastic trip, unmarked with any kind of interaction with bad situations.  

A great gift or perk for your sales team and rainmakers, they will produce more when they are confident enough to safely focus on sales and customers.   Pleasure travelers benefit from knowing what to look for and how to avoid being a victim in an unfamiliar location.  



Social Media

Social media is pervasive in our techno-savvy society.  Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of saying too much, too soon, to too many people.  A great session for college aged young adults, who too often find themselves in trouble without even realizing they put themselves there…until it’s too late.


Dating, New Friends, Old Tricks

“Do you have a teenage daughter?”   – A phrase that strikes fear and worry into the heart of every father who ever tried to raise a daughter.  Your little girl is off to the next chapter of her life, and you realize that you have spent less time than you wanted teaching her about her own personal safety as it relates to dating, college, and the “real world”.  Our experience has taught us that girls listen to anyone EXCEPT their parents – so let us help put your intentions to work in her head.  


Occupational Specialties – Realtors, Nurses, Home Health Care Aides, Hospice Caregivers, and more.

A few professions provide some unique challenges to the people who dedicate their lives in service to others, and there are those “people” out there who will take advantage of the situation, and you.  Learn how to protect yourself and your colleagues from the bad things that can happen while you are doing good works.




Natural disasters, terrorist attacks in our cities, opioid addiction, youth suicide, and countless other factors have made it impossible for Americans, children and adults alike, to live without tremendous pressure and stress. Individuals are buckling under the strain; suffering from depression, sleepless nights, anxiety and nervousness along with physical ailments.

In this powerful seminar, you will learn how to regain control of your life. Now is the time to learn how to become mentally tough in order to successfully conquer the serious challenges facing us in the 21st century.

This is not one of those wimpy, feel-good seminars that simply instruct you to reduce the stress in your life.  Our seminar will equip you for the war on stress and teach you how to handle pressure situations with confidence and an unshakeable inner spirit.  

What you will learn:

  1. How to create a powerful belief in yourself to overcome any obstacle.
  2. To develop practical exercises designed to help control your emotions and elevate your performance in stressful situations.
  3. Learn to implement specific methods that help you focus, visualize, relax and concentrate for added power under pressure.
  4. Discover how to be cool under pressure by utilizing confidence-building techniques that really work.